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Spribe is always on the forefront of iGaming, so you can trust that its products & casino games are creative and advanced. Furthermore, they constantly attempt to predict future trends in online gambling so that players can have the optimal gaming experience available.

Fair slots, skill games, turbo games, poker, and crash games are becoming increasingly popular and main focal point items for Spribe.

The company strives to produce innovative products that make a difference. All of the team members have experience in developing gambling software and managing casinos, so they can create high-quality games and services that meet operator needs.

Even though Spribe doesn’t have many games, it offers a great selection of genres. And, its in-game features are top-notch! For example, you can communicate with other players, see how much they’re winning in real time with the live bets monitor, and more.

Aviator Spribe Game
Aviator Spribe Game

About Spribe

Since openning in 2018, Spribe has been a gambling entertainment developer on the rise. With its innovative new developments, the company has seen continued success and growth. Spribe creates new content for customers regularly by interacting closely with many leading operators.

Spribe Offices:

  • Klovskyi descent, 7а Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Tartu mnt 83-701, 10115, Tallinn, Estonia

Contact Spribe:

Spribe Gaming Licenses

Malta – Malta Gaming AuthorityB2B – CRITICAL GAMING SUPPLY & GAMINGSERVICE LICENSE Nr: RN/189/2020
United Kingdom – UK Gambling CommissionREMOTE OPERATING LICENCENr: 000-057302-R-333085-001
Gibraltar – Gibraltar Gaming CommissionFull approval on game supply
Romania – Romania National Gambling OfficeCLASS 2 LICENCENr.785/24.04.2020
Croatia – MINISTARSTVO FINANCIJA Porezna upravaRNG certificate (SPR-CC-200416-RNG-C1)Game certificate (SPR-HR-200518-01-GC-R2)
Italy – Autonoma dei Monopoli di StatoRNG certificate (SPR-IT-20200130-01-RNG-C1)Game certificate (SPR-IT-200130-GC-R1)
Bulgaria – State Gambling CommissionRNG certificate (SPR-BG-2020130-01-RNG-C1)Game certificate (SPR-BG-200130-GC-R1)
Serbia – Ministry of Finance Gaming AuthorityRNG certificate (SRP-UK-191114-01-RNG-C2)Game certificate (SPR-UK-191115-01-GC-R2)
Colombia – ColijuegosRNG certificate (SPR -CO-201214-01-GC-R1) &Game certificate (SPR-CO-201210-01-RC-R1)
Sweden – SpelinspektionenRNG certificate (SPR-SE-200915-01-RNG-C1)Game certificate (SPR-SE-201013-01-GC-R1)
Belarus – Gaming Business Monitoring CenterCertificate Nr.GSW_VIZ-10/20-IL
South Africa – Western Cape Gambling and Racing BoardCertificate of Suitability License No 10189818-001
Georgia – Ministry of Finance of GeorgiaPermit for game supply N19-02/05
Greece – Hellenic Gaming CommissionGame & RNG certificate (Test report No TRS-J0034-I0061 (GLI-19))
Latvia – Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory InspectionRNG certificate (SPR-LV-210421-01-RNG-C1)Game certificate (SPR-LV-210421-01-GC-R1)
Lithuania – Gaming Control AuthorityRNG certificate (SPR-LIT-210727-01-RC-R1)Game certificate (SPR-LT-210729-01-GC-R1)
Netherlands – KansspelautoriteitRNG certificate (SPR-NL-210506-RC-R1)Game certificate (SPR-NL-2100520-01-GC-R1)
Switzerland – Swiss Gambling Supervisory Authority (Gespa)RNG certificate (SPR-CH-210706-01-RC-R1)Game certificate (SPR-CH-210706-01-GC-R1)
Spribe iGaming Licenses

Spribe Games

Spribe has many great games to choose from, some of our top choices are:

Progressive Jackpot Slots

For casino-goers who love the rush of winning big, progressive jackpot slots are where it’s at. With heart-pumping gameplay and potentially life-changing payouts, you’ll be hooked in no time!

Crash Games

If you’re looking for an exciting way to get your adrenaline pumping and win big, crash games are perfect for you.

Poker Games

Spribe offers a one-of-a-kind poker gaming experience that is perfect for players of all levels, beginner to expert. With awesome features like customizable avatars and interactive chatrooms, you’ll be entertained for hours on end.

List of Spribe Games


Aviator Spribe Gaming
Aviator Spribe Gaming

In Aviator, players have to be strategic about when they cash out, as the multiplier could crash at any time. The game consists of an ever-increasing curve that can suddenly drop down at random intervals. When a round begins, multipliers start growing on a scale. If someone cashes out too soon, they might miss their chance to win big bucks. However, if somebody waits too long before cashing out, then the multiplier will most likely crash and they’ll lose all their chips.


Mines Spribe Gaming
Mines Spribe Gaming

The purpose of playing this game is to remove as many stars as possible while avoiding the land mines. For each star players clear without setting off a mine, their prize money increases. If they guess correctly, they can cash out and take their earnings.


HiLo Spribe Gaming
HiLo Spribe Gaming

Spribe updated the classic game, HiLo, by adding in 3 next cards instead of just 1. In this quick wagering game, the player has to guess what card will be higher or lower than the current one. With Spribe’s improved version of the game, there is now more opportunity for guessing and winning!


Dice Spribe Gaming
Dice Spribe Gaming

In the dice game, players place bets that their selected number will be rolled higher or lower than the amount provided by the dealer.

By allowing players to change the probability of winning, Spribe gives them complete control over their payouts. The game’s potential outcomes range from 0.000 to 99.999, giving players can receive a maximum payout of Xx.


Plinko Spribe Gaming
Plinko Spribe Gaming

This game has found new popularity in cryptocurrency casinos and online gambling sites, despite its origins as an American gameshow.

This game is easy: simply hit one of the three buttons at the top. A disc will fall, and depending on how many pins are present, it becomes more difficult to get the right multiplier for your bet.


If you’re looking for an exciting and innovative gambling experience, Spribe is the perfect choice. With its wide selection of games, customizable features, and high payout potential, it offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a poker pro or just looking to try your luck at a slot machine, Spribe has you covered!


  • Who is the Founder of Aviator Game?

    Spribe Gaming, the masterminds behind Aviator Game, is a top-tier provider of iGaming solutions. With a foundation in 2018, Spribe has quickly become known for its deliverables’ outstanding quality

  • Who Is Spribe?

    Spribe is dedicated to helping businesses win in the online gaming industry by providing innovative technology and products.

  • Is Spribe Legal?

    Spribe is a reputable company that adheres to all legal regulations, ensuring that its games are high quality.

  • Is Spribe Gaming's Game Selection Fair?

    Spribe Gaming provides ethical and clear gaming experiences to all of our players, so you can be confident that the results are entirely random.

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